Recently, a documentary is shared online that examines the healing powers of Kraken kratom. There are some users in the short film who have claimed kratom powder has helped them to defeat opioid addiction. The question here arises that why FDA is not ready to legalize Kraken kratom?

Substance abuse and drug overdose

72,000 deaths occurred in 2017 because of a drug overdose and substance abuse. On the other hand, 30,000 deaths happened because of the misuse of painkillers. This is commonly referred to as the opioid crisis. In the documentary, the filmmaker has identified that pain is not just a problem, we have a pain epidemic because everyone around the world is suffering from some kind of pain. He claims that FDA is trying to criminalize the best solution: Kraken kratom. It is a natural herb that has helped many drug addicts get rid of their dependence on drugs and painkillers.

Kratom a little history

The maker of the documentary A leaf of faith, Bell was a powerlifter himself who was suffering from drug abuse. He used to take pain medications all the time to get rid of the muscular pain. However, after the use of kratom, he was able to get rid of his addiction. He was surprised by the results. The positive effects of kratom made him turn into a filmmaker to find out that whether he is the only one who got the positive effects or is there other individuals as well. He found out that there are many people around the world who buy kratom in the form of powder, capsules or tea. He examined different types of the herb like green kratom, white kratom, red kratom, and yellow kratom. In his documentary, he has claimed that kratom is a reliable herb that can bring natural benefits.

Current research on kratom

The scientific research on kratom is not enough to support the positive effects of the herb. This is the reason that it is still used as a dietary supplement. The reason that FDA is still against the drug is that there are many individuals who are against the drug. There is a mother who has claimed that kratom tea intake is the reason that brain cells of her 19 years old daughter damaged. This is the reason she is ready to sue the bar from where her daughter used to buy the tea. In the same way, there are many people against kratom and cannabis. They are not ready to accept the beneficial results of the herbs and that is why they are forcing the authorities of FDA to pass the law against kratom and all other psychoactive items that are sold around the world.

This is the reason in his documentary Bell is trying to say that most of the critics of kratom are unable to understand that they are truing into drug addicts and only kratom can help them resolve the issue. They are against the plant because they do not understand the side effects a simple painkiller has on their body. This is the reason they are ready to consume the drugs instead of a healthy plant. Bell thinks that FDA should not listen to the people and conduct a complete research on kratom. Once they will notice all the positive effects that kratom capsules have they will automatically legalize the drug.

Common misconceptions about kratom

There are several misconceptions about kratom that is the reason people are not ready to accept its benefits. In his documentary, Bell has tried to pinpoint some of the common misconceptions. Most people think that kratom is addictive. The reason is that they are not aware of the levels of addiction. If you will pay a closer attention you will know that coffee is more addictive as compared to many other drugs. You will be surprised to know that sugar and coffee are 8 times more addictive as compared to cocaine. So, why sugar and coffee are not illegal. It is important for us to understand the benefits that natural products have for us.

Why legalize kratom

Instead of depending on what others have to say about kratom, Bell shared his own experience with people. He wants to tell everyone that how he was addicted to painkillers and kratom not only improved his lifestyle but also helped him to gain various benefits that come with the product.

There are many ways in which kratom can be used. You can have kratom powder or kratom capsules according to your demands. However, once you will start consuming kratom you will understand that what it feels like to live without any kind of addictions. According to Bell, it will help you improve your health and have a better lifestyle.