Return and Refund Policy  

  • Return: Jetkratom will not accept returns on products that you have purchased. Whatever the reason if the product has arrived in your city, it is entirely the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Shipping: If the product is checked by customs and held for 2-3 months, Jetkratom will exchange with a new product and there will be no refund. If the product is damaged due to a shipping error such as a broken package and the product is spilled, Jetkratom will replace it with a new product when you make a subsequent purchase.
  • Refunds: The buyer cannot file a refund because the product price includes shipping and 50% of the money received to pay for the product shipping costs. Whatever the mistake and damage the buyer can apply for the replacement of a new product with the condition that if the purchase is above $ 200, the buyer must buy 1 kilograms and Jetkratom will replace the damaged product on the previous shipment.


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