Can herbal tea lead to brain damage? It is a million-dollar question that is revolving around the minds of millions of individuals who have been using Kraken kratom for the treatment of pain and drug addiction. You might have been wondering that why this question is raised.

Recently, a woman named Mary Tabar from Florida claimed that her 19-year-old daughter started to have psychotic issues and hallucinations. The news was in the headline for quite some time because she claimed that it happened after her daughter consumed some kind of herbal tea that was prepared using kratom. She claimed that her daughter has been having the tea for more than 4 years and recently the side effects started.

Suing the bar

The women said that she is going to sue the bar and café from where her daughter has been consuming the kratom tea. You will be surprised to know that the bar has been running in the area for many years and their only mistake is that they started selling products infused with kratom to help people out with their pain and other issues. However, the benefits of kratom have not been verified yet and its utilization has not been regulated by the authorities.

This is the reason that Tabar is ready to claim that it happened because of the tea. According to the recent reports she has claimed that kratom damaged the frontal lobe of her daughter. This is the reason she is having a different kind of reactions and it is hard for them to understand the real issue. the surprising part of the news is that she is the only customer who has raised such kind of allegiances against the café because such issues against kratom tea have not been reported before.

What is kratom

Before we can get on with the news it is important for you to understand that what kratom actually it. It is an element that is derived from a plant found in Southeast Asia. It has been used in the traditional medicines for many years and it is similar to coffee. Kratom is converted into powder after drying the leaves of the plant. Most of the people consume it as a herbal supplement that is available in the market as kratom capsules. There are many people who like to have kratom powder that they brew to make tea from it. It is available in different colors like red, green, yellow and white.

What FDA has to say about

Previously, it has been noticed that FDA was against kratom. Due to the lack of research and any possible claims about the side effects, it was issued by FDA that kratom is not safe to use and it is not a reliable alternative for the painkillers. It should not be used as a drug to cure different health issues. What they do not know is that in many cultures kratom is still used as a natural medication.

According to a recent report by FDA it has been claimed that within the past 9 years kratom has caused 44 deaths. Using the evidence of this report by FDA, the lawyers of Tabar are taking control of the case to assure that no one will be able to sell kratom again. However, the real issue is that they do not understand the benefits that come with kratom like.

  1. Relieves pain
  2. Helps to boost energy levels
  3. Improve the immunity system of the body
  4. Better focus and concentration
  5. No more mood swings
  6. Much more

The only mistake the bar made is that they did not clearly identify some of the side effects that are associated with the natural products like kratom. This negligence is the reason that they might have to deal with some serious allegation. However, it seems like authorities like FDA are supporting the mother because of the health issues her young daughter has to deal with.

Is it the right decision?

However, the real question here lies is that there are many products that we are consuming which have some serious side effects as compared to kratom. Should those products be illegalized as well? We all love to consume sugar and aware of the fact that an overdose of sugar can lead to diabetes and other health issues. As well as the fast food we are consuming is the cause of heart issues. Coffee leads to anxiety and increased heart rate in many people. However, we are not ready to say that these products should be illegalized because they are a part of our life. It is important for us to understand that an overdose of everything is dangerous for our health whether it is a medication or a herbal supplement. That is why we need to take logical decision related to kratom.