For many years many people did not know about the drug kratom. However, recently it has got a lot of media coverage because of the health benefits and a few issues. last week, FDA has announced that they will recall the legalization of distribution of kratom products. All this due to the report that claims kratom is the reason of the Salmonella outbreak. In the report, it is clear that in 38 different states 132 people got sick because of the drug.

However, the experts want to get to the real cause of the Salmonella outbreak. They will not simply stop distribution of a drug that has been helping people. On a complete research done on kratom, they have been able to find various other hidden truths.

The historical use of kratom

In different regions of Southeast Asia, kratom has been used for many years. The medicinal experts used to add the powder of kratom in their medicines. As well as there were many areas where kratom was used as a recreational product. People commonly add it to their cup of tea to enjoy the benefits that come with it.

The pain relieving and relaxation factors of the drug are the reason it recently gained popularity in the USA. However, experts said that kratom can mimic the effect of opioids and can be used for the treatment of addiction. This is the reason people showed interested in the drug. However, the recent Salmonella infection has raised many questions. Most people are now scared of consuming the drug. They do not want to deal with any kind of health issues. Unfortunately, they do not know the real truth behind it.

Restrictions by FDA

After the news of the Salmonella infection because of kratom FDA is ready to take some strict action. Their job is to protect the people from the harmful effects of the drug. That is why they are ready to take any steps to assure that its distribution can be stopped. However, it seems like there are some agencies who do not agree. That is why they have taken some time to assure that they can prove to FDA that kratom is not dangerous.

The biggest question that comes to mind is that why suddenly Salmonella infection. People from the past have never complained about any infection, so what suddenly happened. The experts are ready to find the real truth behind the infection and what it all happened.

The truth behind Salmonella infection

It is not the kratom that caused the infection but the way it is distributed. After all, it is a plant and when not preserved properly it will attract bacteria and other microorganisms. It has been found that are various stores retailers were selling low-quality kratom. It was not properly managed that become the reason of Salmonella bacteria infestation. When the same infected kratom was used it leads to infection. That is why it is advised that people should only use the best quality kratom. The problem is not in the drug that you are using but in the way it is distributed. It is important for FDA to control and watch the distribution of kratom. Only certified distributors should be allowed to sell the drug to protect the consumers.

Bottom line

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